We imagine a world where people are enlightened with the products, services and solutions they use to achieve excellence in their domain, with ever changing markets and technologies excellence is achieved in a point in time in an infinite reality…

Why We Do It

We believe Quality solutions can exist surpassing users expectations with optimal performance, high availability, scalability, resilience and reliability as demonstrated by Google, Facebook and Twitter, if public facing solutions are capable of such achievements there’s nothing stopping Enterprise, Private, Custom or Bespoke solutions to exist with similar natures and attributes.

Customer Application Performance Satisfaction

How We Do It


We infuse industry performance testing best practices, standards and products into customer processes, procedures, culture, operations and solutions. Catering for both shift-left and shift-right in the quality assurance life-cycle. The products we use are utilized by over 90% of fortune 100 organizations. The delivery of quality products are directly related to business success today. All businesses today are software driven in one way or another and performant applications or solutions is a key driver for success with today’s users and consumers.

What We Do

Our Performance Testing consultation service assist customers to assess, validate and achieve their solutions non-functional performance requirements. In today’s age the software development life cycle (SDLC) are minimized to deliver products rapidly on agile methodologies with continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD), Gartner and Techbeacon market research show customers face considerable performance challenges on live systems which impact on business brands, customers, user experience and business bottom lines. Performance Testing and Engineering brings unique skillsets to the continuous delivery processes to deliver quality products to business, it’s stakeholders and consumers.