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How to change MX records in cPanel

You can change your MX records under cPanel in the following way:

1. Log in to your cPanel.

2. Navigate to the “Mail” section and click on “MX Entry” option:

MX Entry - 1.jpg

3. Choose the domain name you would like to work with from the drop-down menu:

  MX Entry - 2.jpg

4. Once the domain is chosen, navigate to the “Email Routing” section and check-mark “Local Mail Exchanger” option if you want to point your domain’s MX records to the server your domain is hosted on:

MX Entry - 3.jpg

In case you want to point your domain’s MX records to a third-party email server, check-mark “Remote Mail Exchanger” option.

Once the option is chosen, click on “Change” button.

Note: There are two more options available in the Email Routing menu:

Automatically Detect Configuration - The server will automatically detect, and use, the configuration set below and detailed under the MX Records heading at the bottom of the page.

Backup Mail Exchanger — The domain will act as a backup mail exchanger, holding mail in queue if the primary exchanger becomes unavailable. You will need to configure the primary MX entry to point to the appropriate exchanger.

5. If you chose Remote Mail Exchanger you will need to indicate the MX records to use. To do this, navigate to “Add New Record” section. You may leave “Priority” to zero by default. In the“Destination” filed enter the MX server-address that should handle all email transactions for the assigned domain:

MX Entry - 4.jpg

Click on “Add New Record” button.

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